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TKK Summarecon Bekasi


To Make TKK PENABUR Kota Wisata as the second home for students.


Develop students’ competences through enjoyable teaching and learning proses based on Christian value

5 days in a week


   Play Group

~ Morning Class:07.30Am -10.00Am

~ Afternoon Class:10.15Am-12.45Am


~ Morning Class:07.00Am-10.00Am

~ Afternoon Class:10.00Am-13.00Pm

Extracurricular  : Choir, Dancing, Painting

Curriculum: National Curriculum modified by PENABUR

Curriculum Entrepreneurship

School Programs: English ( MI Kids ), Mandarin, Computer, Library, Our Guest, Field Trip, Students Workshop, Students’ Service, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, UKGS, PKBN2K, Extracurricular